About Us

Gabriel Marechal

Founding Partner


With ForecaaS, I put my expertise at the service of CEOs and VP Sales to help them develop a sales culture, in addition to (1) defining structure, profiles and sales processes for their respective sales teams, (2) hiring, onboarding and coaching the different sales representatives, and (3) developing sales plans and executing on them.

Consistently delivering a successful Client Experience has always been my prime focus, which translates into identifying possible roadblocks, coordinating with other departments and facilitating hand-offs at each step of the customer journey with the company.

I combine more than 18 years of corporate experience, representing complex solutions and services, ranging from project-specific custom hardware and software to enterprise-level software solutions, and managing sales teams of various size and composition. 

Pierre Chamberland

Advisor / Executive Coach


“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” Winston Churchill.

Serial Entrepreneur / Biz Coach / Mentor. I am passionate about product design, user interfaces, cool technology & clever marketing. Love to build high performance teams, who create great brands and even stronger cultures. I thrive in environments that are funky, authentic, engaging and superbly efficient.